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  • This programme is modelled in such a way that it would strike a balance between secular and Islamic education in order to create space for the students to fulfil their academic and spiritual requirements in their order of priority.
  • As children will be coming from different cultural and linguistic background for this weekend program, a natural & friendly environment has been created to foster true brotherhood and Islamic bonding through this initiative.
  • Our academic curriculum and teaching methodology is based on Islamic Culture and Arabic language that is designed with a view to develop moral values, self-discipline, commitment, integrity and other essential life skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with wisdom , as the children grow into their adulthood.
  • The dedicated teaching staff are trained to identify the exceptional capabilities of individuals and create a healthy environment for the personal development of such students to sharpen their unique talents for the benefit of the community.

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    Near Al Shab Village,
    Villa No 156-B,
    Sharjah, UAE
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