Why My Baby English Nursery Is Best?

For many years, we had noticed the lack of professional nurseries that prioritized both the EYFS curriculum and Islamic studies. Having gone through a phase where our own children were looking for a nursery in Sharjah to no avail, we realized the need to open one up that provided exactly that, in an area where many parents are searching for competent Islamic nurseries to send their children.

This nursery has been launched with the utmost zeal and effort, and we are fully committed to providing your children with an education fully catered to their needs.

My Baby English Nursery is a top-notch learning condition for youngsters matured 2 months to 4 years. We plan to furnish youngsters with the chance to fabricate certainty and express their uniqueness through truly testing, imaginatively improving and mentally animating exercises.

While kids improvement is our fundamental strategy, objective is to comprehend and take into account parents, who care and wish to furnish their youngsters with quality training in a sheltered, solid and supporting condition, where their modest tots can learn and have a fabulous time.

My Baby English Nursery is a warm and inviting home for learning through play, tunes, and workmanship. Our nursery highlights cutting edge offices to make a one of a kind and connecting with condition that motivates learning and disclosure.

Our imaginative educational program depends on a formative proper methodology that permits youngsters social, passionate, physical and psychological development, at their own pace.

My baby English Nursery Is a Well Trusted Early Childhood Education Learning Center of Excellence.


My baby English Nursery is a well-confided in learning focal point of greatness for early youth training. We have experience, to build up an educational program where learning happens in a casual, benevolent, thrilling, sheltered and multicultural condition that embraces learning through play.

Research has decisively demonstrated that greatest learning happens in the initial six years of a kid’s life; thus it is basic to sustain and create scholarly, physical, passionate, semantic, social and good abilities at this phase to empower youngsters to be well prepared for future difficulties.

At My Baby English Nursery, we accept there is no easy route to progress and we make no trade-off with regards to conferring quality instruction.Cheerful Home educational program bestows informatively proper instruction that difficulties and energizes yet never pushes a kid. British International School in Ajman

We accept that every youngster is one of a kind and takes an exceptional enthusiasm for every kid’s psychological, physical, social and passionate prosperity and development, along these lines encouraging the desire of ‘self-revelation’ in every kid.

Quality policy:

My baby English Nursery is focused on a Policy for Continual Improvement in the exhibition of our Quality Management System for our administrations in giving reliable training and submitted development.

This is accomplished through.

  • Promise to the consistent improvement of our nursery by receiving the accepted procedures in the field of Early Childhood Education.
  • By enabling understudies with an all-encompassing, sweeping global instruction for accomplishment in a consistently changing world
  • To consent to appropriate enactment and with different prerequisites to improve the viability of the Quality Management System.
  • Characterizing and executing savvy quality destinations
  • Conveying quality and opportune administrations consistently to fulfill the necessities of inside and outside partners, in this way guaranteeing consumer loyalty.
  • All representatives are answerable for actualizing and keeping up the above in our association

Airy Classrooms

Our study halls are intended to cover all territories of advancement. Every study hall is well prepared to guarantee that youngsters learn through play. Homerooms are incredibly extensive for tabletop exercises; circle time, riddles, squares, and glimmer card are all there to connect with youthful personalities. Beautiful instructive materials are utilized to upgrade the youngster’s censorial advancement.

Huge gathering exercises are done consistently in the nursery. These exercises improve the youngster’s enthusiastic and social advancement. Workmanship materials will unquestionably rouse imagination. Television seeing is exceptionally constrained and confined to instructive and well being related recordings.


Your kids well being is important for us. We have a completely resourced center with full-time nurture and a meeting specialist who takes care of the youngsters’ general well being on a month to month premise.


An assortment of perusing materials is accessible at the understanding corner. Kids figure out how to deal with books for themselves, figuring out how to turn the pages accurately. An assortment of various books for example fiction, verifiable, books with folds or shrouded words and manikins are utilized to recount stories and initiate innovative reasoning.

Indoor Play Area

Our indoor play territory incorporates a wide cluster of toys and gear for youngsters; we give a sheltered, open spot for kids to connect and create social and engine aptitudes. They make the most of their Puppet appears, Yoga and PE exercise right now.

Outside Play Area

Kids are allowed the chance to enjoy physical activity in our well-prepared outside play area just as an indoor delicate play exercise center. An assortment of slides, playhouse, tricycles, swings, slides, see-saw and autos keep the little ones locked in.

Fun Castle, Splash pool and other game-related exercises with strolling and going around in the outside region likewise encourages the kids to manufacture stamina and camaraderie.

Encouraging youthful personalities, helping shape future pioneers

Our Vision:

The above isn’t only an extravagant slogan; it’s a touchstone for all that we do, and all that we represent at My Baby English Nursery. This idea is integral to our reality and is a ceaseless objective that we have characterized for ourselves.

To make the world a surprisingly better spot, we have to begin esteeming the significance of value training for our youngsters, which will help structure their contemplation and vision of a reasonable, solid and glad world later on. This excursion must begin at the beginning of learning in the early youth days.

Each youngster is qualified for quality instruction with care and consolation and this is correctly what my baby English Nursery offers, with total commitment.

Our Team:

In the interest of all the staff and the board, we are pleased to invite you and your youngster to my baby English Nursery. We have taken extraordinary consideration in each part of our nursery, including the homeroom plan, offices, instructive materials and assets, and above all, our deliberately chosen staff to deal with your youngster.

My  Baby English Nursery’s professionals are experienced and prepared to give top-notch learning. All teachers are youngster insurance and First Aid prepared; refreshing and proceeding with their improvement through normal preparation and courses.

Each Staff part has been deliberately chosen to support, cherish and build up his youngster’s underlying foundations into excellent wings, prepared for future learning  and making the establishments for a strong and fruitful future.


  • Proficiency and Mathematics information.
  • Learning and investigating proficiency and math
  • Story Time
  • Music and Movement
  • Sand and Water Play
  • Chaotic Play
  • Youngster drove exercises
  • Grown-up drove exercises
  • Pretend
  • Exercises to grow fine and gross engine aptitudes
  • Sing-a-yearns
  • Development based play
  • Garbage demonstrating
  • Outside play
  • Delicate play

Records & Reports:

Parents  are given intermittent reports on their youngster’s advancement. Surveys of ability evaluations are given at each parent teacher meeting (PTM). This report causes the parent to comprehend and be a piece of their kid’s development and advancement.

The Parent-Teacher Meetings is done at regular intervals and we emphatically suggest that both Mother and Father of the kid go to this Face to Face meeting with the class educator.

Our study halls are for the most part exclusively structured with characters and subjects that our young understudies can identify with, along these lines making a youngster benevolent learning condition.



Themed Days : The ideal open door for kids and grown-ups to spruce awake for social days, for example, World Book Day, International Day and substantially more!

Shape/Color Day:  Similar to shading day, we have a shape day dependent on the state of the month. Kids bring the predetermined shape snacks in their bites box and dress in the shade of the month.

Field trips: My Baby English Nursery arranges excursions for the kids to build up their insight and comprehension of the world.

Day Camp:  Our day camp supports hands-on learning as kids investigate their enthusiasm for indoor and open-air exercises.

Sports Day: Sports day is an extraordinary day with exciting exercises for the kids and guardians to take an interest as a group. It is generally booked throughout the winter/spring term when the climate is proper.

PTM: Parents Teachers Meeting is arranged once a term. It is a short gathering between parents and teachers to examine their kids advancement at the nursery.

Universal Day: At My Baby English Nursery, we praise decent variety and incorporation on International Day, urging youngsters to go to nursery in their national dress and bringing their individual social nourishment and customs into the setting for a day of learning and culture.


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