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Why Best Nursery In Sharjah is important for your child?:

Every child deserves to grow a healthy and happy life, and that can only be determined when their childhood has gone without worry and full of enjoyable times. Children are at the most delicate stages of their life, and the experiences they have at this age shapes their thinking and behavioral patterns hence it is crucial to give them the most comfortable and enjoyable growing experience one can provide.

With all of that discussed, it’s essential to know which Nursery you’re putting your child into. The best Nursery in Sharjah is the one that offers programs and activities which build the foundation of every child’s, the ability to know the world outside, and more importantly, how to socialize with other children. Interactive learning sessions with colorful and informative materials are to be provided for such young children with a sense of growth and enjoyment imbued at the same time. Such qualities are expected from any top-class nursery, and as such, our Nursery provides such conditions and values.

Nursery In Sharjah:

With the qualities mentioned above, My Baby English nursery is the best Nursery in Sharjah for your child. Our Nursery provides the best in child care and nurtures that no other nursery can promise. With a relaxing and fostering environment provided for the toddlers, your child will be begging to take them back to the nursery day after day. Individual attention is given to every child as if they were our own, and hence the raising of the youngster is taken priority.

Each child is unique, and they have special qualities, and it’s our job that the child recognizes their gifts and passions as young as possible. Whether the child loves to have fun or is more inclined towards learning, we will provide the surroundings to enhance their inborn talents and productive tendencies better. This is the reason why this is the Best Nursery in Sharjah.


My Baby English Nursery follows the British curriculum of EYFS. Early Years Foundation is the framework designed by the United Kingdom. All the teaching methods and material that is used in the U.K are presented to children of this Nursery. It defines and emphasizes the seven areas of learning and development for budding minds. The guide boosts the adept engagements of children and their playful activities.

This promotes the learning capability of your child and will help them in gaining new skills and abilities. This feature makes My Baby English Nursery the best Nursery in Sharjah. The EYFS framework shows what your child will be learning in this promoting and supportive environment. As mentioned before, there are seven areas where the child will be boasted to new heights, and surely the parents will also see the difference with the implementation of this framework.

The areas to be worked on for the child are the following:

  • Interpersonal relations and social skills for the child to become an extroverted and helpful member of society.
  • Language and literacy skills so that the child quickly absorbs information through text and can be charismatically are vocal about their feelings.
  • Numerical skills so that the child can better calculate and memorize its environment and deal with simple mathematical problems.
  • General Knowledge so that the child can see that there is a world beyond, making them more curious and give a better understanding of the world around them.
  • Creativity maturity so that the child can become innovative and inventive in the later stages of its life, letting them think outside the box, a trait most people aren’t able to develop.
  • Understanding of the technological world, as the planet has entered a new age, so the children should be aware of the facilities that they’ll be using in the future.
  • A physically fit child is a happy child, and hence an emphasis on their physical health will also be looked after and developed.

Programs offered:

The classes of the toddlers are divided into three branches as per the EYFS framework. All these sessions start in September and go to June.


Young children from the age of 1-2 years, so that they get used to other babies around them and quickly develop social skills.

Lower foundation:

Once the child grows a little, and starts maturing, this class is the best for them, optimal for children from the ages of 2-3 years.

Upper foundation:

The child grows and becomes more adept in their environment, and the age for enrollment is 3-4 years.

AMANAH weekend extra-Curricular activities offered:

As the best Nursery in Sharjah, we also provide extra-curricular activities that are offered on the weekends so that the child could get a taste of something fun and distinct. The course provides a multitude of different recreational activities that will benefit your child in the long run. The timing of the course is 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Saturday. The program offers:

Storytelling: The children will be given great story lessons of the times of the prophets that all instill learning the Arabic Language. This course deals with writing, reading, and speaking Arabic, the spoken Language of the locals.

Islamic Studies: The children will be given lessons in necessary Islamic studies, and hence the foundation of their religious values will be established.

Story Telling: These stories are fun, engaging, and imbue essential wisdom traversing through life.

Karate and aerobics: The child will be given self-defense lessons from black belt martial artists, letting them enjoy the basics of hand to hand combat, all in a controlled environment.

Sports: The child will be introduced to a variety of games, and hence they will have better motor skills and, most importantly, have fun!

Personality development: The child’s personality is of utmost importance, and hence instilling important values and morals into them at such a young age is one of the top priorities of the teachers.


With so many programs offered and an emphasis on growth and protection of the child, you’ll see a radical and positive change in your offspring. Hence, you’ll soon discover why this establishment is the best Nursery in Sharjah. The My Baby English Nursery will bring out the best qualities in your child, and your toddler will have a strong foundation while moving through life.


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