10 Best Nurseries in Sharjah – Top Rating 2020

Sharjah is the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Today we discuss about Nurseries in Sharjah. Sharjah borders the UAE to Dubai in the south, Ajman and Umm Al Quoin in the north and Ras Al Khaimah in the east.  To choose a Nursery in Sharjah, best for children it is very hard. For ease, we made a choice of the best ones which might suit your needs.

You have to keep the following question in mind before selecting the nursery for your child.

How to choose Nursery In Sharjah?

  • Are the buildings and equipment well maintained in the nursery?
  • Is the environment according to your traditions and native language?
  • Are the teachers and staff qualified to teach the curriculum to children?
  • How is the security and entrance of the nursery?
  • Does the nursery provide a wide range of resourced and play equipment to children?
  • Is your child happy and satisfied with the staff and nursery?


Below is the list of some best nurseries in Sharjah.

My BabyEnglish Nursery:

Baby English nursery provides a fun and child loving environment. For many years, they had noticed the lack of professional nurseries that prioritized both the EYFS curriculum and Islamic studies. Having gone through a  phase where our own children were looking for a nursery in Sharjah to no avail, we realized the need to open one up that provided exactly that, in an area where many parents are searching for competent Islamic nurseries to send their children.

Curriculum:  British EFYS curriculum
Website:         My Baby English Nursery
Founded:        2010
Address:         Villa# 156B Al Hazana – Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi St – Sharjah   Google Map
Contact#:      00971 6 522 2157

Future International Nursery:

Future International Nursery (FIN) aims to be at the forefront of early years education in the UAE by playing an active role in instilling the solid foundations necessary to take on tomorrow’s challenges while placing an emphasis on reconnecting with the natural environment and affirming each child as a member of our UAE’s culturally rich community. Through discovering their ‘roots’, children can gain the understanding and confidence to develop ‘wings’ that allow them to actively participate in shaping the future.

Curriculum:  British EFYS curriculum
Website:         Future International Nursery
Founded:        2010
Address:        Muwafjah, Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road / Opposite Sharjah Shooting Club. Google Map
Contact#:      00971 6 5487 101

Joy Learning Nursery:

Joy Learning Nursery Consist of large, bright well-equipped classrooms with various multi-purpose areas including an indoor Physical Development room, Role Play area, Library, and Language area, as well as outdoor play areas, a Sensory Garden, Water Play Area, Sandpit, and a Sensory Spa.

Curriculum:       British EFYS curriculum
Website:              Joy Learning Nursery
Founded:             2005
Address:              Women’s Union Association, Samnan – Sharjah
Contact#:           00971 6 537 6116


British Orchard Nursery:

British Orchard Nursery is the Middle East’s largest and the first nursery chain to be ISO certified for the quality, environment, and health and safety. BON has been awarded over 25 International and National awards including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, the Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award, and the Dubai Quality Appreciation award for its dedication to providing quality services and business excellence.

Curriculum:     British EFYS curriculum
Website:            British Orchard Nursery
Founded:           2012
Address:            Area Sharjah Near Quran R/A – 128 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:         00971 6 522 6710

Happy Home Nursery:

Happy Home Nursery is a well-trusted learning center of excellence for early childhood education. With over 35 years of experience, we have developed a curriculum where learning takes place in a relaxed, friendly, fun-filled, safe and multicultural environment which endorses learning through play.

Curriculum:      British EFYS curriculum
Website:             Happy Home Nursery
Founded:           1980
Address:             Villa no.17, Street no. 27, Area Maysaloon, Sharjah, UAE, PO Box:77207 – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:          00971 6 563 1772

Bumble Bee Nursery:

Ten years ago, Bumble Bee Nursery was established by Ms. Sally Al-Shakarchi with a small number of staff and children. Over the years we have grown and to accommodate the continuously rising numbers of children we expanded our nursery. For more detail, please visit Bumble Bee Nursery

Curriculum:    British EFYS curriculum
Website:           Bumble Bee Nursery
Founded:          2008
Address:           Alramla area, Near Sharjah red crescent society – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:        00971 6 522 8461


Al Aman Nursery:

Al Aman Nursery takes the security and food habits of the children very seriously. Our curriculum includes the recognition of Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Shapes, and Sizes along with General Knowledge of Animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. The nursery has a trained and qualified staff that speaks Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Pashto. Al Aman also offers daycare facilities with transportation for the working parents.

Curriculum:  British EFYS curriculum
Website:         N/A
Founded:        2012
Address:          Villa # 53 Sheikh Zayed St – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:       00971 6 562 6166

Al Kangaroo Nursery:

Al Kangaroo Nursery offers a playstyle for children according to their own culture and tradition. Being a language course offer of British and Arabic, they are the care center of children from the age of 6 months to the age of 4 years. The main reason for Al Kangaroo Nursery is their role in the development of children and progress according to parents and their choice.

Curriculum:  British EFYS curriculum
Website:         N/A
Founded:        2012
Address:         Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:      00971 6 524 1205

Emirates English Nursery:

This nursery is both a daycare and a Nursery located in Sharjah, following the patterns of the British EYFS curriculum. The nursery is located in a very unique, clean, and home-like place providing teaching staff with native English speaking. All the facilities are provided to the children, including a playground and a well-equipped classroom.

Curriculum:  British EFYS curriculum
Website:         N/A
Founded:        N/A
Address:         Villa No. 4, Al Fayha, Near Ramla Roundabout – Sharjah Google Map
Contact#:      00971 50 108 5008

Dreamland Nursery:

This nursery is different from both in terms of its functionalities. Dreamland does not follow the pattern of only one curriculum. It follows the English, Arabic, and French curriculum. The main focus of Dreamland Nursery is mainly on learning opportunities to different of different nationalities, religion, color, or race.

Curriculum:   British EFYS curriculum
Website:          Dreamland Nursery
Founded:         1995
Address:          Sheikh Zayed Street near the Kuwait roundabout and opposite Jesco Supermarket. Google Map
Contact#:       00971 06 566 1133

Factors to notice while looking for Nurseries in Sharjah:

As mentioned before, Nurseries in Sharjah are too much to look for. Also, their whole purpose is different from one another. But there are some factors which are to be noticed while taking admission in these nurseries

  • Shortlisting:

The first thing parents should do is Shortlist. By doing it, you can come to a couple of decisions, let us say 5 of them. Then you can quickly come across other factors we have mentioned below. These factors can surely help you choose a Nursery in Sharjah for your little one.

  • Timing:

In Sharjah, the timing for schools and places are very brutal. Different places and schools are opening on their timing like 5 to 8 or 8 to 3 or even 7 to 9. The nursery timings can also vary from institute to institute. Choosing a nursery which can provide transport or provide timing according to your working hours can significantly provide support to you and your children.

  • Affiliation with School:

Many nurseries in Sharjah provide significant incentives for children. However, it is essential to choose a nursery that is affiliated with the school. Children’s going through a specific pattern and style of school can be helped with a Nursery that has the same pattern leading towards them.

  • The Curriculum:

As mentioned before, each Nursery in Sharjah provides different curriculum and patterns. Parents need to look upon the curriculum of the nursery, which is probably leading towards the school. By looking at the curriculum one can easily make a decision of best nursery in Sharjah for their children.

  • Language:

of course, there are many nurseries in Gulf countries which teach English as their primary. However, children are needed to be taught other courses in their free time. For the most part choose a nursery that teaches French, Arabic or German, etc. To children as new curses. There are not only English teaching nurseries. Some nurseries teach in the primary language. It is in ease for people having other native languages.


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