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About Us

My Baby English Nursery

For many years, we had noticed the lack of professional nurseries that prioritised both the EYFS curriculum and Islamic studies. Having gone through a phase where our own children were looking for a nursery in Sharjah to no avail, we realised the need to open one up that provided exactly that, in an area where many parents are searching for competent Islamic nurseries to send their children.

This nursery has been launched with the utmost zeal and effort, and we are fully committed to providing your children with an education fully catered to their needs.

Reasons to Select My Baby Nursery

  • Best care with positive emotion: we always ensure that children are happy, smiling and joyous at our nursery.
  • Diet activities to inculcate healthy habit of eating: children are motivated to eat healthy food and say “no” to junk food.
  • Updating the child’s day to day activities on social media.
  • Small muscles exercises which stimulate brain growth followed by sand play and water play.
  • Awareness of Islam among children through Islamic studies.
  • Special care for special need children.
  • Role-play and outdoor play are part of everyday activities at our nursery.

Our Vision

Positive Transformation through Value based Education.

Our Objective

The nursery aims to:
• Deliver both the Islamic and EYFS Curriculum within an Islamic environment;
• Provide the learning experiences which are appropriate for individual children to ensure their continuity and progression;
• Help all children realise their potential and acquire knowledge, concepts and skills;
• Encourage children to be active participants in their learning process and provide practical learning situations relevant to the child’s experiences.

Our Values

To promote sound Islamic attitudes where children learn respect for others and form positive self-images and care for their environment. As the future leaders of our Ummah, it is our responsibility to instil the correct Islamic ethos into our children from the very beginning of their education. We understand this responsibility, and strive to fulfil this to our utmost potential, so that our future generation is fully equipped with Islamic values. This will help our Deen to remain upright in society.
Our nursery will adhere to the following fundamental principles:
• To follow the Quraan and Sunnah in all our actions;
• To ensure the education of our pupils is paramount;
• Respect and tolerance for all;
• Collective teamwork;
• Striving for excellence in all that we do.
• Daily Dua’s
• Islamic Greetings
• Short Surahs
• Importance of good behaviour & mannerism

Equal Opportunity

All pupils have the right to equal opportunity through a stimulating and accessible curriculum. Our nursery will positively promote diversity and equality of opportunity, recognising that we are here to serve a diverse and multi-racial society. We are committed to the view that organisations make better decisions if they are truly representative of the wider community.

Good Behaviour

Positive behaviour is always encouraged, using the 5 behaviour management techniques:
1. Praise Positive Behaviour.
2. Provide some extrinsic rewards.
3. Post your rules in the front of the class next to the whiteboard and refer to them often.
4. Plan ahead for effective transitions.
5. Silence is powerful.
The following techniques are also used:
• Points on the Masha ‘Allah chart resulting in achievement certificates.
• Badges or symbols such as happy faces which children can wear.
• Certificates given out in assembly
• Commendations: Awarded by class teachers for outstanding behaviour

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